Thursday, 2 June 2011

Petition to be submitted – To include Indian Philosophy,Teachings,Knowledge in our Curriculum of higher studies to become part of our life and retain our heritage of Wisdom for future generation.

Petition to be submitted – To include Indian Philosophy,Teachings,Knowledge in our Curriculum of higher studies to become part of our life and retain our heritage of Wisdom for future generation.
It is an intense and unfulfilled desire of every Great Indian Teachers of Spiritual Institution that our Indian Wisdom, rich in all aspects, has to be a part of our Indian curriculum of higher studies by which every Citizen of our country practice a healthy life style to benefit the Self, Country and the World.
It is disheartening to note that our syllabus contains the Experiments, Analysis of Foreign Consultants, Trainers, Teachers, Scientists but not from our own Great Philosophers, Saints, the teachings from our Scriptures and Indian Institutions.
For example,
the syllabus of B.Sc Psychology contains the ideas of Sigmund Freud, Pavlov, Skinner, various foreign theories and suggestions from the consultants who carried out experiments on day to day human behaviours, daily lives, Industrial institutions and their applications, but no details of our Indian researchers or practice followed by our scriptures or by various well known Indian spiritual institutions are provided in the syllabus.
India is well known for its wisdom, knowledge with many ancient Seers, Philosophers, Teachers and Guides, but it is disheartening to note that we learn even about human psychology from foreigners.
Each state of our country has a wealth of knowledge practiced by various Indian Institutions which is  constrained or got limited in the name of spirituality, not provided an opportunity to reach them to apply in practical life by every citizen of our country, depriving the opportunity to learn our own wisdom by our own citizens.
It is disheartening to note that we the masters of knowledge, with the World Teachers , Great Saints, Great Philosophers born in this Country, the citizens of such a Knowledgeable country are learning from foreigners how to behave, how to be a better citizen, how to change our behaviour, how to treat others, human behaviours, organizational behaviour, character development and more.
It is not that we have to restrict ourselves with our knowledge alone but when we are learning Foreign methods and knowledge, we can also include our knowledge and wisdom along with the foreign syllabus-curriculum that we study in our colleges-universities.
We have scriptures, religious books, wisdom, knowledge from Spiritual Institutions which can very well become part of our College or University existing curriculum-syllabus. The following and more spiritual institutions can submit their wealth of knowledge applicable to practical life to a Central Educational committee which can analyze and give instruction to Universities to add them to their existing curriculum in all subjects, so that every citizen of our country know about the benefit-knowledge (beneficial for the individual and society), history, geography and wisdom of our Ancient and New Wealth of knowledge and they take all the valuable applicable practicable knowledge with them to practice in their daily life for well being of physical health, mind and society.
1)      Vedas (from......)
2)      Upanishads ( from.....)
3)      Gita of Krishna (from Hare Rama Hare Krishna – Krishna consciousness)
4)      Gita of Shiv  (from Brahmakumaris world Spiritual University)
5)      Advaita (from Sankara Mutts)
6)      Ramayan ( from...)
7)      Mahabharat (from ....)
8)      Quran (from ....)
9)      Bible (from....)
10)   Sikh scripture(from....)
11)   Teachings of Buddha (from Buddhist Monastery)
12)   Teachings of Mahavir (from....)
13)   Teachings of J.Krishnamurthi
14)   Teachings of Sai Baba
15)   Art of living ( Institute of art of living)
16)   Kriya yoga (Institution of Paramahamsa Yogananda)
17)   Hi Friends, please send the list of organisations, institutions, religious teaching Guides, to add to this list and also the name of the institution who can submit a practical life based teaching from the preachings or teaching they follow.
To make it more systematic, the committee can provide advertisements in News paper addressing all the spiritual or other Institutions of India to submit their value education details, to become part of Indian curriculum in all Indian Universities, which can be analyzed and final syllabus can be submitted to the Universities.
When we are made to learn about foreign researchers and their ideas, we being an Indian citizen has full right to know about our wealth of knowledge and the source of our every jewels of wisdom. We have been learning our ancient wisdom by various means but without any authenticity by the Educational Institutions, which has to be carried out at least by now, so that our future generation will not have reason to blame us for the foreign education we teach them leaving aside  our own most valuable knowledge of our Motherland.
Petition signed by Spiritual Institutions


  1. indeed this sort of education system till 10th should be made compulsory for all but exam system needs to be revived too.
    like when u are asked to read a subject and appear for an exam u read the subject just from the exam point of view.
    these subjects should be encouraged from a discussion point of view and no written exams should ever be conducted for them.
    we should also introduce a system of continuous feedback at all levels of education system from the students and the feedback should be taken seriously as that will highlight wat the student needs none is ready to ask a student wants every one is forcing his/ her way of teaching things on them in a way they want.none cares wat are the expectations of the student.

  2. pls make sure that this petition just doesnt remain in the blog but comes into existence sooner or later